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Bertil Roos Racing School | Schedule & Pricing

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Schools/Programs & Prices

Program Retail
"Drive-your-own-Car" PDC
1/2 Day AM Adventure
$ 525
1/2 Day PM Adventure
$ 550
1 Day Adventure
3 Day Road Racing School
$ 3,750
2 Day Advanced Road Racing School
$ 2,495
5 Day Road Racing Race Week
$ 5,750

 If you are interested in taking advantage of ANY of our special discount offers, please contact the Roos Office at 1-800-722-3669.

It's quick and easy to enroll in our programs. Using the schedule and price list below, please have the following information ready when you call:

  1. The program and date of your choice
  2. Your name, address and telephone number
  3. The method of deposit you wish to use

As soon as your enrollment process is complete, we will mail you a Welcome Package that includes a textbook, directions and all relevant information.

Program dates do not need to be determined at the time of order a gift certificate. Please see our gift certificate information for more details.

2015 Schedule

Pocono Raceway (Northeast, PA)

April May June July August September October
$525 19   21, 22     6, 26 3
$550 19   21     6, 26 3
$1,195 19         27 4
$ 3,750 14-16            
$ 2,495
$ 5,750 14-18            
$500           24  
Computer Coaching Clinic $1,595              
Car Control Clinic
$1,295           2  
$1,350   8       4 1, 16
$1,575   9       5 2, 17
$425 15            
$495     17     14  
$1,295       21-22      
  7       3, 29 15
Call for details

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NJ Motorsports Park (Millville, NJ)

May July August
$525 24 8  
$550 24 8  
$1,195 27 8  
$ 3,750 19-21 13-15  
$ 2,495
22-23 16-17  
$ 5,750 19-23 13-17  
$2,495   27-28  
$425.00 20 14  
$1,350 29 10 8
$1,575 30 11 9
Call for details

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2016: Palm Beach International Raceway (West Palm Beach, FL)

$525 15
$550 15
$1,195 15
$ 3,750 7-9
$ 2,495
$ 5,750 7-11
$1,350 13
$1,575 14

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Roebling Road Raceway (Savannah, GA)

* 3 Day Road Racing School $ 3,750 2-4
* 2 Day Adv. Road Race School
$ 2,495
Bertil Roos Enduro Race $2,500 Oct 31-Nov 1


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Virginia International Raceway (Danville,VA)


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Pittsburgh International Race Complex (Pittsburgh, PA)


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* SCCA Licensing Schools
The information below is for school programs only. Pricing policies for the Roos Formula 2000 Race Series can be found in the Rule Book.

Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy:

All programs must be paid in full 21 days prior to the program date. A nonrefundable deposit is required with all applications. We accept payment by Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. If you cancel or reschedule a program up to 21 days prior to the scheduled date a $25.00 fee will be charged to schedule a new date. If no date is chosen, your tuition will be put on account for one (1) year less the $25.00 fee. You may also request a refund less the required nonrefundable deposit. If you cancel or reschedule a program 20 days to 8 days prior to the scheduled date, 25% of your tuition will be charged to schedule a new date. If no date is chosen, your tuition will be put on account for one (1) year less the 25% fee. If you cancel or reschedule a program 7 days to 1 day prior to the scheduled date, 50% of your tuition will be charged to schedule a new date. If no date is chosen, your tuition will be put on account for one (1) year less the 50% fee. Cancellations received the day of the program are considered a "no show" and you forfeit the entire tution and no refunds or credits will be given. If you do not show up for your scheduled program you forfeit the entire tuition and no refunds or credits will be given. All cancellation & rescheduling fees must be paid upon rescheduling a new date. Cancellations received 20 days or less will not receive a refund. Unused Tuition held on account after one (1) year will be forfeited and no refunds or credits will be given.

We are sorry, but we cannot be held responsible for business conflicts, medical emergencies, cancelled flights, etc. We cannot make any exceptions for any reason.

All sales final on discounted items.

Wait List: If a program is sold out, your name may be placed on a wait list at your request. If you choose to be put on the wait list, we will contact you via phone or email as to the availability of program openings.

Weather & Track Related Rescheduling: All programs are run rain or shine. If a program is cancelled due to the weather, only students present will receive a credit to take the course again. If you do not show up for your program and it is cancelled due to weather, no refund or credit will be give. Please contact us with any questions.

Age Requirements: You must be at least 15 years old with prior racing experience or 16 years old with no experience. If you are under 18 years of age, a parent or legal guardian must sign a release waiver.

No Liability In Introductory Programs:
Students are not liable for damage in the Half Day Road Racing Adventure, One Day Road Racing Adventure, 3-Day Road Racing School, or the 2 Day Precision Highway Driving Programs. You are liable for damage in all of our other programs. The damage liability ranges from a maximum of $2,500 ~ $3,500 per incident depending on the program. The Race Series liability is explained in the Rule Book. Please call us for details.

In-car Video: On board video is also available and provides an unbelievable opportunity to capture your experience to a DVD ready to take home after your program.

For a small extra fee, a professional photographer will capture the excitement in full color. There will be a photography information sheet in the confirmation package. We have no restrictions on you bringing you own camera equipment.

Guests: You may bring as many people as you would like to watch you during your program. All guests and students must sign in upon arrival.

Convenient Airports

Pocono Raceway: Scranton and Lehigh Valley (ABE), are each about a 45 minute drive. Philadelphia and Newark Airports are approximately 2 hours away.

Virginia Int'l Raceway:
Danville Airport is a 15 minute drive, and Greensboro Airport is a 1 hour drive.

Hotels and Motels:
There are several hotels and motels in close proximity to all racetracks. We will provide you with hotel information upon enrollment. Most of the hotels we work with offer our students a discounted rate.

Any balance(s) are due 21 days prior to arrival at the school!

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