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"Do it Right" by Dennis Macchio

Bertil Roos in October '12 Car and Driver

Car Control Clinic Returns!

2012 Bertil Roos Enduro

We Are Announcing The Site Launch Of Macchio Driver Coaching

Bertil Roos Racing School Announces Royal Purple as Official Oil Supplier

Bertil Roos Racing School - A Hidden Gem

Why Choose Bertil Roos?

Why Five Days???

Porsche Panorama "The Art of Driving: A Lecture by Dennis Macchio" Part 1

Porsche Panorama "The Art of Driving: A Lecture by Dennis Macchio" Part 2

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Don Computer School.pngrace2.pngcddm.png

Designed to keep you moving forward
(at an accelerated pace)

Roos 2-Day Rookie Racer Camp (July 28-29) NJMP

Roos Car Control Clinic (Sept. 3) Pocono

Roos Computer Coaching Day (August 25) Pocono

Roos Rookie Runoffs (Sept. 25-26) Pocono

Roos F-2000 Race Series

  July 11-12 NJMP Lightning

July 31 - Aug 1 NJMP Thunderbolt


Sept. 5-6 Pocono North


Oct. 2-3 Pocono South


Oct. 17-18 Pocono South/East

Macchio/Twardzik Coaching

The learning never stops for the true “road racer”. These programs are designed to build and refine your current skills and knowledge. At Roos, we want to continue to help you grow as a driver, whether you are an aspiring pro, hobby racer, or enthusiast.

Learn more about all of these programs by calling us at 1-800-722-3669 and ask for Dennis, Vince or JT.

The Bertil Roos Track Announcer

"Do it Right"

A lot of people have been asking us why we do things the way we do at the school and "isn't there a short cut?"

Well, Dennis would like to address this:

“Do It Right”
By Dennis Macchio

                Being involved in the sport of motor racing for more than 35 years, gives one a perspective on the sport that just can’t be duplicated in a short period of time. Having been involved in so many activities within the sport, driver, track owner, manager and designer, team owner, instructor, driving coach and owner of a well known racing school, have provided me with a lifetime of experience and understanding of the sport.

During the last 3 ½ decades, I have seen so much change: driver safety has improved immensely. Driving gear, car design, track layouts and safety barriers have contributed greatly to reducing fatalities and injuries. Suspensions, tires, and gearbox technologies have made cars faster, easier to drive and as a result ... Read More

The Bertil Roos Racing School launches the "Full Crested Mane" portion of its website.

"Full Crested Mane" is dedicated to the young lions of BRRS and their progression to the top of motorsports.

Click Here for FCM

Bertil Roos Featured In November 14, 2011 Issue of AutoWeek

Looking for a Private Coaching option?

Click the Logo below for Macchio Driver Coaching

Bertil Roos Racing School Mission Statement

“More training is required to get a license to cut hair than to drive a racecar…”


-Bertil Roos, 1980




In a cultural era where everything has been watered down, and shortcuts seem to abound, some things just should NOT be compromised.

At the Bertil Roos Racing School, it’s not just about taking money and issuing licenses. We train drivers to compete… effectively, safely, and successfully; and have been for 35 years.

It has always been our stance that quality will never be sacrificed no matter what the flavor of the month is. If you are serious about motor racing, come visit us… If you’re looking for a shortcut… well, there are plenty of “Johnny Come Lately’s.”

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